Success Stories


Each of our students has a beautiful and lasting gift to share with all of us. That gift is the ability to humble and inspire everyone they encounter with their undaunted, joyful spirit and courage. They are always reminding us that the most precious gifts in life are not the ones we receive with our hands but those we accept with our hearts. ​

So many thanks to Bob and Colleen! You helped our son gain confidence and enjoy skiing with our family. He was reluctant to come this weekend, but we couldn't get him off the slopes when it was time to leave!

Shawna M.

"Miss skiing already! Thank you Wendy and Colleen...looking forward to next season!"

Kadie T.

“Just a quick note to let you know what a GREAT time I had last Sat.  While I didn’t ski as well as hoped for, it was such a good feeling to get back on the slopes.  Both Steve & Pam were beyond wonderful, patient & encouraging.  Excellent instructors!  Please pass it along & I will be making a donation to the program in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again” 

Bob S.

“Want to thank you and Patty and Bob and Don and Tom for making Eric's two outings so successful :-) I am so amazed at your dedication and the time you spent to make it positive for him. Very special.”  

Jill P.

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